Wednesday, August 22, 2007

BN: Earthquake Prayer

BN is short for "Brief Notice," the blindingly clever way I will now designate little bits of randomness I wish to document and/or share. So here's the first, an early Californian prayer for protection against earthquakes:

"Dios, nuestro Señor, nos bendiga,
Mi casa y este pueblo
Y todos los que en ella estamos y habitamos,
Y á ellos y á nosotros nos libra
Del ímpetu del terremoto,
En virtud del dulcísimo nombre de Jesús. Amén."

(God, our Lord, bless us, my home and this pueblo and all whom therein dwell, and preserve them and us from the violence of the earthquake, by virtue of the most gentle name of Jesus. Amen.)

From "Antepasados" (1977), the publication of Los Californianos, which I picked up in a used book store in Eureka.

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